Saturday, March 28, 2020

Two Easter Scroll Saw Patterns

Download Below

The pattern book has two Easter patterns. Both patterns are about ten inches wide. I was experimenting with the egg graphic and could not decide on which I liked better. I decided to include both.  

Scroll Saw Stained Glass Effect by Tamara Pauluk

Click to watch the video

I came across this video by Tamara Pauluk on YouTube. She simulates a beautiful stained glass effect with her scroll saw and two-part epoxy resin. The technique is not cheap or fast but it sure is beautiful. 

Tamara does a wonderful job with her explanation of the technique. She even shows a few problems she encountered and how she solved the problems. Please give her a thumbs up on the video and leave her a nice comment.

If you have ever worked with two-part epoxy then you know the stuff is not cheap. I am linking below to the supplies Tamara used for her project. 

Possible Alternative to Resin that is Less Expensive.

I thought I would try an alternative to Tamara's supplies. I remember that my wife used to buy Gallery Glass Window Paint. It comes in squeeze bottles and pours in just like epoxy except that it is not a two-part solution. Once it dries it simulated stained glass pretty well. I don't think it will be as effective as resin but it is much less expensive to get started. 

I ordered this set from Amazon today. Amazon shipping is very slow right now so it may take a while for me to give this a try.