Monday, January 22, 2018

Compound Cut Jesus Christ Scroll Saw Pattern.

One of the most popular patterns I have ever posted was the compound cut LOVE YOU block. I long ago lost the ability to track downloads of individual patterns but that one has to be close to a million downloads by now. 

Today I received an email from Andy F. He wanted to know if I would make a similar pattern with "Jesus Christ" to be made as a birthday gift for a friend.  I figured other would like this also so that's what I have for today's pattern.

A couple years ago I made custom patterns like this for any name. They were popular so I thought I might see if anyone would want them again. Here is the link to the order form. I will deliver the pattern to your supplied email address and charge $5 per pattern. You only pay after you receive the pattern and are happy.

The pattern will look like the picture above. Some names work better than others. They look best when I can stretch both names to be close to equal length. The name above will cut fine but just does not look quite as good. This is just something to keep in mind if you order one.  You also need to be able to make 1.5" X 1.5" wood blank. I cut down regular dimensional 2 X 4's on my table saw. The cut easy and are cheap.

For those of you who may be new to compound cutting on the scroll saw here is a explanations of how they are cut. 
 It's important for the table to be set to 90 degrees. The pieces of waste can sometimes be hard to remove and that's made even worse if the table is off even slightly.
 Cut the pattern down to size. You will also need the wood blank and some blue painters tape.
Wrap the wood in the blue painters tape. This will make the pattern much easier to remove and also has other benefits. The glue from the tape will lubricate the blade. This reduces heat which makes the blade last longer and the cut easier to make. 

Crease the pattern on the fold line. 
 Carefully wrap the pattern around two sides of the wood block. 
 You want to use a larger drill bit but not too large. I used a 1/8" drill bit for most of these. The second side cut can be more difficult to feed the blade through. The cuts from the first side will snag the blade when feeding it through the second side so the larger holes help.
Some people prefer to hold the wood block when they make these cuts. I prefer to use a clamp. It just helps me control the piece. 
 My DIY compound cutting jig is not long enough to hold this piece so I use a handscrew clamp. You can also use a quick clamp if you have that available.
As you cut there will be waste pieces. Some scroller like to keep the waste in place until all the cuts are made. Others remove the waste as they make the cut. Here is why your choice makes a difference.

If you remove the waste from the side one cuts it affects the cuts for side two. With the waste remove and cutting side two you will have areas where you are still cutting through 1.5"'s of wood. You will also have areas where you are cutting through the voids from side one. There will be a great amount of difference in the resistance when the cut transitions from the different thicknesses. When this happens the blade will have a tendency to lurch forward in the cut. This can cause mis-cuts. It's personal choice to remove the waste or not. Just be aware of the difference.

New Pegas Blade Clamps:

I have received several questions about an advertisement in the recent Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts magazine. Pegas announced new blade clamps for the Excalibur, Seyco, Excelsior and King scroll saws. It's also my understanding they will work on the Jet scroll saw also. 
They claim 40% reduction in weight, reduced vibration, ease of use, deduces stress on the machine increasing life of the saw and easier faster blade changes.

These will not be available for a few days but the manufacturer (SCIES Miniatures Sarl) from Sweden sent me a set to review. I have them in my shop now and will be installing them on different machines to see how well they work. 

I did ask what problem these new clamps were solving and they had a great reply. These are not solving a problem. They are upgrading an already great system making it even better. 

I will work on this project this week and get it out to you as soon as I can. 

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