Saturday, October 23, 2021

Days Until Christmas Countdown Board Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Countdown the days until Christmas with this Nativity-themed countdown board. This is a fun activity for children and adults alike. The board is 7" X 9" and all the parts are cut from 1/4" thick Baltic birch plywood. I am showing the backer boards painted red in the simulated image above. 

I got a little behind on orders this week. I just completed all the Personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns that were in the queue. Make sure you check your email spam folder if you have not received your order. Email me if you can't find them.

USB Catalog and Signature Coin orders will be completed today but they may not get in the mail until Monday.

The next few days may be a little busy for me. My wife is having surgery on Monday. I will need to spend whatever time she needs with her. I should have time to keep up with orders but I may miss a couple of posts until she feels better. Replies to email will be spotty at best. Thanks for your patience.

It is a fairly significant surgery but if all goes they don't expect an overnight stay in the hospital. They kick you out as soon as possible anymore. 

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