Friday, August 30, 2019

Old Friends and Old Wine are the Best Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download Below

The pattern is ~10.5" wide and 6.5" tall. I am showing the simulated picture with an optional red-painted backer board. You can hang this one above the door to your wine cellar. :)

What? You don't have a wine cellar? Then how about this beautiful NutriChef 12 bottle Wine Cooler?  Wow, I have stooped to a new low to try to get you to click my affiliate link. Don't do it. You don't want to set a bad example and encourage me to post shameless advertisements. I mean it. Don't click that link. I'm not kidding. If you click that link the temptation may be too strong. You will spend money that you need for the kid's new school shoes. I don't want that on my head. Your kids deserve new shoes. Okay, that's settled.....

Americans drank 966 million gallons of wine in 2018. That's almost 3 gallons of wine per every man, woman, and child in the US. Hey, Chuck, I don't drink so you can have my 3 gallons. 

$12 per sheet of 12 coins plus $3.50 shipping
Inlay with a 1" Forstner Bit.
The perfect way to sign your work.

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