Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Floating Bottle Wine Holder Scroll Saw Pattern.

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For the wine drinkers out there I have a display stand for your favorite bottle. I can't claim that the original idea was mine. I saw one on Pinterest that gave me the idea then I designed it from scratch.

I used light chain for strength. The chain is attached to the board with eyelet screws. I considered using fishing line to make it less visible but I was afraid it might break after a while. I decided the chain was safer and looks kind of cool also.

I used 1/2" thick soft maple. I included a pattern for both 1/2" Thick wood and 3/4" thick wood.

If you consider giving this as a gift you could remove the grape ornamentation and personalize it with a name. 

When should you use a spiral scroll saw blade?

I have spoken about this several times in the past. I get new readers every day so I want to share just a few thoughts. This is one of the most frequent questions I get from people who are new to the scroll saw.

There are few rules that are absolute in any art or craft. Just when you say this is the only way to do something, someone will give an example that is the opposite. My suggestion is to try different tools and techniques until you have a feel for what you like.

I want to show you the cut quality I just made with a #3 spiral blade and a #3 flat blade. I cut these tests in 1/4" thick Baltic birch plywood.

I made both cuts with care. I was using a similar speed of cut. There are people who can use a spiral blade better than me but I think these cuts are similar to what you will experience.

The above photo is my test board. All these photos can be clicked to enlarge for a close look.

Freehand straight line cuts. You can see that the spiral blade causes a wider kerf. You can see that my flat blade cut is straighter and cleaner. 

In this photo, I am cutting circles. Pretty much the same results as the straight line cuts.

The spiral circle is a rougher cut and is not as accurate.

I can cut a near-perfect circle with a flat blade and the cut is much cleaner.

After looking at these photos, why would you ever use a spiral blade? There is a good answer to that question. Spiral blades don't require you to turn the board as you cut. The spiral blade will cut in any direction. Where you push the blade is where you make the cut.

Not having to turn the board allows you to cut much larger boards. 

The test above is a bit misleading because I was cutting perfect paths. A circle and a straight line. If one of the cuts would have been a leaf then the spiral blade would have shown better. The limits of the spiral blade are just not as obvious on irregular shapes.

Portrait style patterns are often cut with spiral blades. There are generally fewer perfect paths to cut. Portraits are often larger so not having to turn the board is a big advantage.

When a person is just getting started on the scroll saw I recommend using flat blades until you get a feel for the saw. Most people will be more successful with flat blades when starting out. Add the spiral blade to your kit after you feel comfortable with the flat blade. This is just my opinion from helping hundreds of people learn to scroll. There are exceptions. 

My suggestion is to be open-minded about the tools you use. Experiment and learn the tool's capabilities. Take the time to use the tool long enough to learn your ability to use that tool. I know scrollers who never used flat scroll saw blades. They turn out beautiful work. They have taken the time to learn the tool. At some point, some people can take a tool and push it past its normal capabilities. 

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