Monday, May 28, 2018

Horse Portrait Scroll Saw Pattern.

14" X 11" Horse Portrait

The horse just might be the most beautiful animal on earth. They are an amazing combination of strength and grace. I live in the Bluegrass of Kentucky and we have many beautiful horse farms in the area. Driving through the countryside and seeing the thoroughbreds in the fields is really special. 

This pattern is 14" X 11" and is broken up into four pages. It will be best cut on Baltic birch plywood for strength. I have seen these larger portraits cut from 3/4" hardwood panels and they look spectacular. 

You may be interested to know that I designed this portrait pattern on an Apple iPad pro using the Apple pencil. That is an amazing combination. I can't do most types of patterns with it but for portrait style pattern it is a great system. Let me know if you would like to see a demonstration of the process and if I get enough response I will do a video. 

Scroll Saw Blade Tension:

It can be difficult for new scollers to know what the correct tension of a blade should be. I understand that because when you hear someone explain the correct tension it sounds flaky.

The most common techniques you hear is to tension the blade until it produces a C note when plucked. What? How many people do you know that would recognize a C note when they hear it? 

The next technique you hear is that the blade should deflect a 1/8" when you apply moderate pressure on the side of the blade. Define moderate. A new scroller using a saw for the first time is very unlikely to know what moderate pressure is. That just does not work.

So what is the best way to teach correct blade tension? Take your choice because it all comes down to experience. You will start to notice that the blade drifts more easily when the tension is too low. You will also see concave or convexed edges on thicker woods when the tension is not right. These are signs of a poorly tensioned blade.

Most of the time a new scroller and even an experienced scroller will under tension the blade. Scroll saw blades are designed to work under high tension. Just for grins, set the tension the way you normally do, then bump it up a little and cut for a while. See if your cuts are more accurate. 

One thing that sometimes prevents proper tension is blade slippage. Blades slipping out of the clamps is almost never related to tension. If the blade is slipping the set screw and thumb screw are worn. The set screws that hold the blade in place are wear items and need to be replaced routinely. Do not over tighten the set screw to prevent slippage. You will damage the saw. You should be able to tighten the thumbscrew with your thumb and forefinger without cranking down hard.

Experiment with blade tension and see what the results are. You may be surprised. 

King Arthur's Tools 11307 Guinevere Total System for Sanding

This is an expensive tool but is it worth the money? I have owned this system for several years and I am glad I have it. The feature that makes this tool work well is the inflatable drums. The sleeves fit over the drum then the drum is inflated with air. This makes the drum conform to the piece being sanded giving you beautiful control of the area being sanded.

Don't get me wrong. You can remove lots of material with the sander. That's why I like it. You get the best of an inflatable drum but the ability to remove lots of wood. You can also install hard drums in the system if desired.

If you have ever tried to remove blade burn marks from wood you know how difficult that can be with hand sanding. This tool makes that task easy work. Sanding inside of bowls is a simple task with this system. 

This system get's overlooked because of the price. I understand that. It's over $400. That's a lot of money for a sanding system. It took me a while to pull the trigger when I was thinking about buying it. 

I started this with a question. Is this system worth the money? I always try to answer that type of question with another question. Would I buy another one if this one broke? Yes, I would buy another one. I would feel the pinch when I typed in the credit card number but I would buy it again.

$3 PDF catalog update:

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