Saturday, May 5, 2018

Stickman Surfer Scroll Saw Pattern.

Stickman Surfing
Brody "Short Board" Slater

Brody has been surfing since he was three years old. He just completed a competition in Australia where he finished last. Here is what Brody had to say about his poor showing.

"Dude, the surf was choppy but I caught a bomb. The waves were cranking and I was charging. I dropped into the barrel from the back door and it was bitchin'. The curtain closed in on me and I was in a double overhead. I made a cutback and was carving the wave when I got caught inside. My baggies were flapping and I was high on the deck. I was just about to eat it when I came out of the green room and all I could see was soup. That's when the landlord came up behind me. He nailed my board so I bailed. Dude, It was wicked sick"

It was a big wave. Things were looking good then a shark decided to eat dinner. Brody needs a new board.

This pattern started it all eleven years ago:

I was going to post this on May 1st but I forgot. This eagle saw was the first pattern posted on the Scrollsaw Workshop blog back on May 1st, 2007. Here is the link to that first post.  I even did my first demonstration video for the post. It was really bad! Cringeworthy.

It's been eleven years and 3,319 posts since that first attempt at writing a blog post. I had no idea that I would still be writing the blog all these years later. I did not even expect anyone would ever show up.

I was at a training facility for my work and was bored. I was playing with Google Blogger just to learn how it worked. I needed something to blog about and my scroll saw hobby seemed like something I knew well enough to write about. The Scrollsaw Workshop was born.