Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Red Bird Portrait Scroll Saw Pattern.
10" X 8" Red bird portrait.


I recently decided to purchase a magnifying/light for my scroll saw. I don't usually use a magnifier and when I do I have a small one with magnetic mount and a small four inch lens. I have been cutting coins lately and needed something better.

I wanted something larger so I went with a 7" X 6", 5 diopter lens. It uses 56 LEDs for the light. It was under $100. 

I am not very pleased with the one I bought. The LEDs are not bright at all. They are so dim I expect they are not working correctly. 

The 5 diopter lens is a little too strong. I'm now thinking a 3 diopter lens would be better. 

Now for my question. Does anyone have a magnifier that they are totally pleased with? If you do can you send me the model number or place of purchase? I can move down to a 5 inch lens but I want something durable. I don't mind going over $100 but I would like to keep it under $200. 

Do you have an opinion on the strength of the magnification? 3 diopter or 5 diopter? Which do you use?

Any suggestions are welcome but I do want to buy new. I don't want to buy second hand. I know some have purchased these from medical offices but that's not what I am looking for. Thanks for your help.

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