Thursday, August 10, 2017

Painted Bird House Clock Scroll Saw Pattern.
This bird house clock uses a 2 3/4" clock insert. You can get the one I used from Bear Woods. I have used more paint on projects lately. I am not a big fan of painting wood. This is a project that really calls for bright colors. 

The project is made from 3/4" thick and 1/4" thick wood. Because you will be painting the piece you can use inexpensive material like poplar. Poplar paints easily and you can but it at Home Depot in the craft wood section. 

I used red, yellow, green and white for this clock but choose what looks best to you. My wife sais mine looks like a Christmas clock. Not what I was going for but I guess she is right.
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Thanks to everyone who has placed orders for my personalized Christmas ornaments. The demand has been really good. I have been able to keep caught up. Right now as of 2:15 am I have all the orders processed and emailed out. If you have not received your order please check your spam folder. If they are not there shoot me an email.

If anyone has questions about the ornaments feel free to email me. If you have questions about how they are made I'm happy to show a demonstration video if that would be helpful. 
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