Monday, January 7, 2019

Let's Cut Corian. Scroll Saw Patterns and Tutorial.

It has been quite a while since I have talked about cutting Corian. We have many new scrollers on the Blog now so I think it's a good time to discuss the topic again.

What is Corian? Corian is a solid material created by Dupont. Corian is often used on countertops but has many other uses also. It is composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate. Does that sound like you should use your dust mask? Yep. Wear a mask when you cut it. The dust is relatively heavy as it comes off the scroll saw blade. The majority of the dust seems to fall but I'm sure there is a small amount that floats in the air. 

Corian makes a beautiful addition to the materials we can cut on the scroll saw. Unfortunately, it is relatively expensive so I generally use it with small projects. Crosses, jewelry, and small knick knacks. 

The Corian pieces feel great to the touch. They can feel almost like polished marble. This pattern book has a few small patterns as well as a source for the 1/4" thick Corian. It shows the blades you need and other information to give you a good start with Coriam. You can download it for the patterns and future reference. 

Corian come in different colors but it can be very difficult to find in thicknesses other than for countertops. You can find a few sellers on Ebay but it often comes in 6 or more sheets and will cost quite a bit of cash.

The company that I got my CNC machine from carries small sheets of 1/4" and 1/2" thick Corian. 
Here is their link. Inventables. 

The sheets are 8" X 12" and come in white or black. They run a little under $20 a sheet. Shipping to my shop is $7.78 for the one sheet. When I added a second sheet to the order the shipping stayed the same. So now you know it's not cheap but it is something nice to have for special or small projects.
If you have additional sources for Corian leave me an email and I will pass it on.

I cannot vouch for any of these sellers but here is an link to Corian products that may work,