Thursday, February 11, 2021

Valentine's Day Cupid Light Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This unique Valentine's Day project uses an LED strip light to illuminate the edges of the cut acrylic. You often see these cut on a laser but we can do it with the scroll saw.   

I use a technique that I call sandwich cutting to cut the acrylic on the scroll saw. I sandwich the acrylic between two sheets of Baltic birch plywood. I wrap the sandwich with tape to hold it together. I then apply the pattern on the top of the tape. I use a #3 blade. The smaller blade seems to give me a smoother cut.
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 You can also use color LED light strips. Here is a link for all the LED strips on Amazon.

Sandwich cutting acrylic works well for me.

You want to leave the protective sheet on the acrylic until after you complete the cut. It helps prevent scratching of the acrylic.