Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Full of Birds Silhouette Art Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This pattern is for all the bird people out there. There are several ways you could present the finished piece. I tried to give it as much strength as possible by connecting the branches in multiple spots. The pattern could even be cut from paper and framed. Here is a link showing how to cut paper with the scroll saw that I posted back in June of this year. Paper Cutting Link

I might need to take a couple of days off.

Today is the day of my Wife, Patty's surgery. It will probably be outpatient surgery if everything goes well. She is having a spinal cord stimulator implanted for pain relief. She went through the trial of the device a couple weeks ago. The trial went very well so today is to implant the permanent device.

She has gone through several years of significant pain caused by disk deterioration in her upper back, lower neck. All of you with back pain from injury or failed surgeries know how hard this is to deal with. We are really hoping for a positive result. 

Depending on if she needs me to help her or just let her sleep will determine if I want to work or not. If you don't see for a couple days you will know that I am trying to be a good husband.

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Inlay with a 1" Forstner Bit.
The perfect way to sign your work.

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Woodpeckers WPDPPACK2 Drill Press Table with 2 Knuckle Clamps

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If You Cook It, They Will Come. Scroll Saw Pattern.

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The 1989 classic sports movie, Field of Dreams, had a famous quote. "If you build it, he will come."
When mom is cooking, they will come. We have been traveling to my mother-in-law's house for 40 years to eat her macaroni and cheese. Dang, that stuff is good.

When I was young the kitchen was a place to hang out with family and talk. My mom always had kitchen decorations hanging on the walls. They were usually kind of corny but we were lower middle class at best and our home was to live in and not much was fancy. 

My grandma and grandpa lived with us later in their lives. Sitting in the kitchen, listening to their stories for the 100th time was a treat for me. I was never sure how many of the stories were true but they were entertaining. I think my grandpa told how he went to Frank James funeral(Jesse's brother) at least 500 times. I can still repeat that story 55 years later. 

This pattern is a little over ten inches tall and six inches wide. The backer board can be painted or left natural. There are holes to tie twine for hanging the sign. You can cut those off if you have a different hanging option in mind.

Can a CNC or Laser Cutter replace the Scroll Saw?

About once a month I receive an email from a reader about my Full Spectrum laser cutter or X-Carve CNC machine. The most common question is if I use these machines to cut my scroll saw patterns. The answer is no but the reason may surprise you if you have not used these machines.

Because I am a pattern designer I would use the most effective tool I had to test cut my patterns.(Time is money). If either the laser or the CNC could do the job more effectively I would probably use them for testing. The truth is that the scroll saw is way more productive for 95% of the type of project I design for the scroll saw. 

The laser and the CNC both are fantastic tools. For what they are designed to do they do very well. I use my laser engraver/cutter every day. I just don't use it for my pattern test cutting. I use my CNC router less often but it comes in handy for some projects.

Here are the issues. Let's start with the CNC machine. Scroll saws use very small blades to make very intricate cuts. To duplicate those intricate cuts with a CNC router you have to use a very small bit. They make small bits that will work in the CNC router but they are super easy to break. Imagine trying to push a 1mm diameter bit through the wood with your handheld router.

The only way to keep the small bits from breaking is to slow the feed rate way down and the cut depth needs to be fractions of an inch deep. That means slow going.

I test cut a fairly detailed Christmas ornament. It took me 30 to 45  minutes to cut on the scroll saw. I could stack cut at least three at a time so that means 10+ minutes per ornament. When I did the test on the CNC machine it took four hours to cut one ornament. I was having to remove so little wood that it took several passes to finish the cut. I still ended up breaking the bit. The CNC is just not designed for this type of application.

Of course, there is an advantage with the CNC. I don't have to be there while it is cutting. I can do other things. You just have to hope it does not have a problem while it runs the pattern.

The laser engrave/cutter comes closer to replacing the scroll saw but not close enough. Any laser cutter that you can afford in a hobby shop will only effectively cut 1/8" to 1/4" thick wood. If you are using hardwoods you most likely will have to use 1/8" to get an effective cut. I can easily cut 1" thick hardwoods on my scroll saw. When I want to push the saw a little I can go up to 1.5" thick. 

Now I will admit that the laser can cut quicker than I can cut on the scroll saw but only in thin material. The laser also has the telltale burning on the edges. Sometimes the burn looks okay and other times it is a problem. The laser can also cut very fine detail. Finer than I can cut on the scroll saw. It is also extremely accurate and repeatable. Another advantage of the laser is its ability to engrave images on the wood. That is the best laser feature for me.

The end result of all this is that the scroll saw, laser cutter and CNC router are very different tools. They each have their place in wood crafting. They can all do amazing things in skilled hands. There are some overlapping features of the tools but not enough for one to replace the other.