Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wedding Table Numbers Scroll Saw Pattern.

I have had several requests for this pattern. I'm not much of a wedding expert but apparently it is common to have table numbers on the tables at the reception. The numbers in this pattern book go from 1 to 30.

Obviously you can cut only the number or either of the graphics depending on how simple you want them to be. You also have the option of adding a backer to make sure the fretwork shows up. Just stack cut an extra heart shape then cut the fret work after separating the hearts. To make the numbers two sided just stack cut three and remove the third before you make the interior cuts. I would probably use 1/8" thick wood if you make them two sided otherwise they get pretty thick.

New pattern catalog update. 
Well the first day of the new catalog seemed to go very well. There were over 4,200 patterns downloaded today. The speed of the catalog stayed stable and I have had no reports of major issues.

I trusted my developer but I was still holding my breath.

Thanks to all of you who provided feedback during the BETA test. It was helpful and made the catalog better. Changes were made because of your comments.

Thumb Screw search update.
I had over 100 readers who responded to my request for help finding a rotating tip screw to make custom blade clamps. Many thought I was looking for replacement thumb screws for the DeWalt or Excalibur saws. I appreciate the feedback but that's not what I'm looking for. I want a generic rotating tip set screw. I will add this to a knob of my choice to make a custom blade clamp.

Many sent me to sites where they sell swivel tip screws. Again that's not what I'm looking for. The set screw in the DeWalt and the Excalibur are not swivel tip screws. They have an insert that fits into the end of the screw. They rotate but do not swivel. Close but not the same.

I'm still searching and have not been able to check all the sources I was sent yet but I'm starting to thinks these screws are not available as an off the shelf product. I do thank everyone that searched for me. I'm still going to keep looking.

American Workshop television show showing scroll saw work.
I'm always browsing the internet for scroll saw related content. I ran across this video on the WBGUTV public television web site. Scott Phillips and his wife discuss a couple scroll saw projects. I have always liked Scott. Here is the link to the video. It's about 30 minutes and a fun watch.

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