Friday, January 27, 2023

Swinging Monkey Toy Scroll Saw Pattern.


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This swinging monkey is fun to make and fun to play with. I think your kids will get a kick out of it. The parts are all 1/4" thick and you will need a few inches of 1/4" diameter wooden dowel. Pay attention to the drilled holes that are free rotating and the drilled holes that need to be glued.

My Opinion:

Five best scroll saws on the market: If you browse the web or search YouTube for recommendations about which scroll saw to buy you will see this title often. Most of the time they seem to be written by people who are not solidly into the scroll saw hobby. Their recommendations are not always bad but they more often than not leave out many options.

Most of the ones I see recommend the DeWalt DW788 as the best saw. The DeWalt is a fine saw but I don't think you can just outright call it the best saw in the market. They will almost always leave out the Pegas 21", Seyco, Hawk, and Hegner. In my opinion, these saws are the best ones out there. To leave them out is a serious omission.

So why is this happening? All the saws they recommend are available on Amazon and the reviewer is an Amazon affiliate. Nothing wrong with that. I am also an Amazon affiliate member and earn money from ads. My problem is that they should include that information. The five best scroll saws available on Amazon would be more appropriate.

I am not trying to disparage their work. We all have to earn a living. Just know that there are more options out there.