Sunday, June 24, 2018

Just Lovebirds Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This sign is 14 inches wide. I am showing it here with a backer board but I think it's strong enough not to have one. 

Niqua Scroll Saw Blades???

I am starting to get emails asking about Niqua Scroll Saw Blades. Several of you are seeing this brand added to the Bear Woods online store. Here is the story. 

Niqua is a German company that is known around the world for manufacturing blades for jewelers and goldsmiths. They have also manufactured high-quality scroll saw blades for years. They have been marketed in the US under the brand name Flying Dutchman. 

I have used Flying Dutchman and Pegas blades for several years. They both have pros and cons but are in the same playing field as far a quality goes. Lately, I have used mostly Pegas blades because I get them for ad placement from Bear Woods. I still have a large supply of Flying Dutchman blades and use them also. 

One stand out is the Niqua flat end spiral blade. The flat ends stay in the clamps much better on most saws. This is a nice addition to the Bear Woods store. 

There always has been and always will be the discussion on which scroll saw blade is the best. Don't listen to this talk just try some blades and use the one that works for you. 

The good news is that Bear Woods now has two fantastic brands of blades to offer. I like choice.

Disclaimer: Bear Woods is an advertiser on my blog. This was not a paid review.

The stool I use at my scroll saw:

I received another email asking about the stool I use at my scroll saw. I own two of these Craftsman stools. I purchased the first one about ten years ago. The second one is about five years old. As much as I hate to admit it I am a chairs worst enemy. In other words, I'm fat. I have to have a sturdy chair to handle my size. These stools do not look that strong but they have held up great for me.

The first stool has some minor cracking in the seat cover and the cover has faded a little. The second stool is pretty much still like new.

If I remember correctly I paid over $100 at Sears for the first one. I bought the second one on Amazon and paid under $75. The Amazon price for this stool now is $66.06 plus free shipping

Not everyone likes a tall stool when scrolling but it is my preference. I use the standard stands with my saws and they are designed for standing or tall stools.

If you use a foot switch on your scroll saw you need to keep this in mind. You will probably have to elevate the foot switch to be able to reach it while sitting on a tall stool. I have my foot switch on a DIY stand that is about eight inches tall(shown below). 

Here is a great offer from Sue Mey. She asked if I would pass it along and I am happy to do that. As always she has some fantastic patterns. 

For anyone who may be familiar with Sue, here is her website. She is a South African artist and scroll saw pattern designer. She brings an artistic touch to her patterns that make them exceptional. She also has one of the largest collections of patterns in the world. If you can't find something you want to cut from her collection you just did not look long enough. Do yourself a favor and check out this offer. 

Note: The items shown are linked to the website - Click on either the Description or the Image for it to open there.
Visit the Special Offers category for my e-Magazines.
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Until Monday, June 25, receive a 20% discount on all items added to the cart from the Rustic wood slabs section, providing that a minimum of Three patterns are ordered. To qualify for the discount, enter the voucher code JUN18 (case sensitive) in the space provided during checkout, and click 'apply' once. These have proven to be quite popular, there are 131 patterns in various styles and sizes.
Rustic wood slabs 
Here are four new ones just added:
NW2748 Rustic wood slab - Bear #2 11" x 7.8" $5.00
NW2749 Rustic wood slab - Lioness 11" x 7.8" $5.00
NW2748 NW2749

NW2751 Rustic wood slab - Sphynx cat 10.4" x 7" $5.00
NW2750 Rustic wood slab - Male lion 11" x 7.8" $5.00
NW2751 NW2750 
Order your custom Christmas at the (Last name) door hanger patterns here
Size is approximately 9.6" x 7.9" (depending on length of last name) To order: Provide the last name(s) in the comments section of the order form. Completed patterns are delivered via email There are separate codes depending on the quantity, and the price is $5.00 per custom pattern made. If you need to order more than five patterns, contact me for assistance.

Pattern made on request:
The English version is found in Birthdays - NWC063 Birthdays hanger - Spanish 16.5" x 4.2" $10.00

From Bible verse scrolls - NW2747 Bible verse scroll Jer. 29:11 13.4" x 9.8"  $5.95
Added to Other Mythical - NW2746 Winged lion 10.4" x 9.2" $5.00
NW2747 NW2746
Available in Special Offers category are pattern sets at reduced prices. There are great deals on seven digital books: 40 Christian crosses, 44 Christmas projects, 40 Boxes, 46 Angel-themed projects, 50 Signs & Plaques, 50 Clocks and 40 Love & friends patterns.
Patterns purchased from my website are conveniently delivered as downloads to your computer for immediate printing and use. All patterns are available in vector format on request.

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