Friday, February 22, 2019

Jenius at Work Scroll Saw Pattern.

If you have followed me on the blog for long you know that grammar and spelling are not exactly strong points of my skill set. When Mrs. Lewis, my high school English teacher tried to impress on me the importance of strong writing and speaking skills I only listened with one ear. 

I certainly never thought that one day I would write every day. I absolutely never imagined that 30,000 to 40,000 people would read what I write every day. I have been actively working on improving my writing. I doubt that I will ever become a good writer but I hope to just be able to get my ideas across without confusing folks.

I plan to sit this cutting on my desk as a self-deprecating reminder that I need to improve. 

 Interior Starter Hole Position:

Click to Enlarge

Take a look at the image above. Note where I drilled most of the interior starter holes. I want to position the starter holes close to a transition point where I can begin the cut. 

In the exploded section you see the actual starter hole (1) and another optional starter hole (2). I always prefer the option (1) because it allows me to begin the cut at a transition point rather than in the middle of a pattern line. 

If I were to have chosen number (2) starter hole then I have to be very careful when I end the cut to try and line up the beginning and ending cuts. If I don't them up well I will have a nub that either has to be nibbled away with the blade or sanded away later. This just adds time. 

In option (1) I will ent the cut at a transition and there will be no extra effort to hide the end of the cut.

This sounds trivial but on a project tha