Saturday, August 13, 2016

"Keeping It Reel" Scroll Saw Pattern.

I was visiting my younger brother last weekend. One thing that is on my bucket list is for us to go marlin fishing together. Of course he was on board for the trip also. I figure we can talk our wives into a trip to Florida as long as we throw in some beach time and shopping. It's nice to have a bucket list but my bucket is starting to leak so I figure I better get moving. :)

Thanks for all the interest in my new $3 PDF Catalog.
Some of you experienced this popup when you tried to install my new PDF catalog.This is a standard feature that is built into Microsoft's newer operating systems. It is a way of protecting users from installing software that Microsoft does not recognize. It's a nice idea but can cause some people to be worried unnecessarily. If you are running a good anti virus this feature is overkill in my opinion.

If you are confident you are getting the file from a reputable source that you asked for you can click the "More Info" link in the popup and select "Run Anyway" the program will then install and run fine.  Let me say that this is my opinion as a fairly knowledgeable computer enthusiast. 

Bad Links
A couple people reported two bad links in the new PDF catalog. If you run across any bad links send me an email and I will fix them in the next update.

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