Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Stickman Hockey Scroll Saw Pattern.

Take to the ice with Stickman Hockey. That's right we have sticks swinging sticks.

Logan "Big Lumber" Yardley

Logan received his nickname from rival players who were often on the receiving end of a stick to the head. I'm not saying that Logan is a dirty player but he now has to take a bus to away games. He can't fly with the team because he is on the Terrorist Security Administrations(TSA) No -Fly list.  

Jean "Biscuit" Dubois

Jean has been the goalie for the Canadian National Hockey team for the last six seasons. No one has ever seen Jean's face because he never removes his goalie mask. There is rumor that Jean is actually famous Star Trek actor and Canadian  William Shatner.  When team officials were asked about the rumor they gave this statement. "Bill, er....I mean Jean, and his family would ask that you respect their personal and private life." When pushed for proof by a reporter, lasers were set to stun and the new conference was over.

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