Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DeWalt DW788 thumb screw upgrade.

I want to thank everyone for answering my question in yesterdays post. I am still looking for a new handle for the DW788. When I find a source I will pass it on.

In the mean time several readers sent the suggestion below. I received 4 different designs for a home made replacement handle. After looking at the different pictures I decided to make a pattern of the one I liked the best.

The problem with the existing thumb screw is that it can be painful after extended use. Many of you have told me you have arthritis which cause even more discomfort.

This design simply adds a wooden handle to the existing thumb screw. Nice simple solution. I cut this one tonight and it works very well with my initial tests. I cut this handle from 3/8" Baltic birch ply for strength. You need to cut the opening carefully for a tight fit. After you cut it out sand all the edges to a nice smooth feel.

One note of caution is to make sure the handle is positioned up and out of the path of the down stroke. You don't want the new handle hitting your finger. Even with the correct position the handle is a little lower so take care when cutting thicker stock.

The new handle adds more leverage so be careful not to over tension the blade.

Use this mod at your own risk. I won't be responsible for any damage or injury caused by any use of this upgrade.


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