Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Mantel Candelabra Scroll Saw Pattern.

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I apologize for having to say this every time but it is necessary. Never leave real candles unattended. Consider battery-powered candles for safety.

 I don't take safety lightly but we have been using candles since 200 BC. You would think that a lawsuit claiming no one told you that fire burns would be silly. It's kind of like telling a person to hold their breath underwater. Sorry, I digress. :)

This tea light candelabra is a little over ten inches long. It is cut from 1/2" thick walnut. The candle platforms are 1/4" thick. It could be easily modified for 3/4" thick wood if that is all you have available. 

When I was writing this post I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out why the word candle is spelled with a "le" and the word candelabra is spelled with "el". Why is English so difficult? 

Google pointed out to me that candelabra comes from Latin and translates to candle tree. The "tree translation" comes from the branches of the candelabra resembling a tree. I wish I had paid attention in English class. 

What is really strange to me is that the translation of "candle" to Latin is "lucerna".... Where is the "el"!
I give up. 

Technique Tips are only Suggestions:

I and other online content producers give tips on how we do certain techniques. These tips should be considered suggestions and not written in stone. There is almost always more than one way to accomplish something. "I'm not an expert but I play one on the internet." That should be required text at the bottom of every tip posted. :)

"Learning how to use the scroll saw can be made easier and faster because we have so much information available online." 

"Learning how to use the scroll saw can be made harder and slower because we have so much information available online." This is not multiple choice. Both are true. 

When you are getting started with the scroll saw try different supplies and techniques to see what suits you best. Here is an example. I always place blue painter's tape on the wood before I apply the pattern. For me, it works well but I know scrollers who think it is a total waste of time. If you are happy, I am happy. Go for it.

The message here is to try different things and over time you will develop your favorite techniques. Even after you have become comfortable with the way you do things don't get stuck in your ways. Every once in a while try something different. See what happens.