Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Scroll Saw Wood Spirit Pattern.

I have always been fascinated with carved wood spirits. When we vacation in Gatlinburg Tennessee,  I love visiting the local wood carvers studios. There are many wonderful local carvers in the area and they do amazing work.  

There is no way to duplicate the amazing work of these artist on the scroll saw but I thought I would give it a try anyway. After hand drawing the fretwork of the spirit I decided he needed to stand out more. To do this I outlined the head and used this line to make a bevel cut. That pulled him forward and gave it more depth. 

This is one of those patterns that I almost changed names after it was complete. He seems to have a remarkable likeness to Charlton Heston as Moses or Ian McKellen as Gandalf. :) You can call it whatever you like. 

After applying the pattern and drilling the entry holes I cut the outside of the board away. I usually do the interior cuts first but I wanted a smalle