Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wooden Utensil Scroll Saw Patterns

These are fun to make but a little more challenging than they look. There is a considerable amount of hand carving and sanding involved. If you have a spindle sander and a belt sander you can cut down on the carving quite a bit.

Cut these patterns from 3/4" wood. For the spoons I usually start with the bowl. Sometimes I use a Dremel tool to remove the wood other times I use a carving gouge. After you get the depth of the bowl where you want it you can start contouring the rest of the spoon. Take you time and get a pleasing contour. Remember you can always take off more wood but you can't put it back on. Stop and look at your progress from time to time.

Choice of wood and finishing instruction are included with the pattern. These utensil patterns are about 10" long bu can easily be resized to what ever you like.

Free Scroll Saw Pattern Download

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