Saturday, March 2, 2019

Cube Clock Scroll Saw Pattern.

With optional paper dial.

Small clocks make nice thank you gifts. They are easy to make and not very expensive. This clock is four inches wide and four inches tall. Perfect size for a desk. The clock movement will cost around $9. 

I added the text to the dial just to show you an option. You can leave the text off completely if you prefer.

I also included a few paper dials that you can print on high-quality photo paper and apply to the dial.

This clock is perfect for laser engraving the back with a special message. 

You will need a quartz clock movement that fits a 1/4" dial
You will need 1.5-inch hands for the clock.

Optional Paper Dials.
Click to Enlarge.

Reader submitted tip: CA Glue and Wood Glue.

I have received several emails about my use of CA glue and spray activator. There are many folks who have never used this product so I will soon be doing a demonstration video to help.

In the meantime I had a reader submit a tip that I have never used so I thought I would share it with everyone.

CA glue and activator cure almost instantly. This is grea