Thursday, December 7, 2017

Compound cut Bird House and Stand.
These Mini compound cut bird houses are easy and fun to make. I included a simple stand for the ornament if you need it. When you install the eyelet screw in the top of the bird house make sure you pre-drill. I used a very small eyelet screw and a 1/16" drill bit to pre-drill. The bead chain is an easy way to hand the ornament.
 If you are not familiar with compound cutting on the scroll saw here is a brief explanation.

The pattern is designed to wrap around two sides of the wood blank.(Shown above)
You will cut side 1 then without removing any pieces you will flip to side 2 and make that cut. 
The process is easier if you use a clamp to hold the blank. The clamp above is a DIY clamp made for compound cutting. Us this link to download the plan to make your own jig.
 After both sides are cut you remove the ornament from the surrounding waste.
The bird for this bird house is pretty small. It is advantageous to use a zero clearance so the small part does not fall through and get stuck in the blade hole. This blue painters tape is a simple way to temporarily cover the hole.  

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