Monday, November 13, 2017

Proud Mom/Dad of a Fireman Scroll Saw Pattern.
Here is a plaque for mom and dad to show support for their fireman child. The backer board is eight inches in diameter. Of course the backer board is optional. 

Personalized Signature Coins:

I am ready to take orders for the Signature Coins. The picture above shows the four styles I will have available. This is a great way to sign your projects.

This picture also shows what the coins will look like. There may be some variation in the darkness of the engraving from one coin to another. There can also be slight variations in registration. 

You will need a one inch diameter forstner bit to embed the coin in your wood. If you want to embed the coin in 1/4" thick wood you will need to modify the forstner bit slightly. The brad point will pierce the wood before you get the depth needed to embed the coin. If the other side of the board will be hidden or if the board is thicker that 1/4" then you do not need this modification.  

Please read before you order.
This is a new venture for me. I want to make sure I can keep up with the orders before I take any payments. After you fill out the order form you will not be billed until the order is ready to be mailed. I will then email you an invoice with payment instructions. 

You will be able to pay securely with your credit card through PayPal's processing. I will also include my mailing address o