Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Crazy Cat Lady Scroll Saw Pattern.

I will often receive email about a pattern like this one that has a backer board. Yes they can usually be cut without the backer board. In this one for example I would cut the design in 3/4" thick wood if I did not want to use the backer board. In this case the backer board is just a design element.

Sometimes the project will be delicate. Adding the backer board makes the project more durable. In the future I will try to remember to mark the backer board as optional if it is just for design.

I also get email asking if it is okay to modify my patterns. I highly encourage you to make any changes you like to make the project more personal.

The pdf files I release will import into Inkscape or CorelDraw. The patterns are still in vector format embedded inside the pdf so they are easy to edit. If you are looking to get started in pattern design Inkscape is a free way to get your feet wet. Like all vector graphic editors there is a learning curve. These programs have tons of tools and features. Learning all the tools will take some time. The good news is that you only have to learn a few tools to get started making scroll saw patterns.

The projects made from my patterns also have no restrictions. You are free to make as many as you like and sell them without attribution.

The patterns do remain mine and I ask that they not be sold. If you give my patterns to another person I ask that the cover page remain with the pattern. I ask that my patterns not be download and hosted on another server. I also ask that you not directly link to my patterns from another web site. Please link to my blog with instructions on how to find the catalog.

I try to be very liberal in the usage rights of my patterns. I am able to maintain the blog through donations, ad revenue and the few things I sell. The reason for asking for limited use of the patterns is simple. Money. All the restrictions are there so I do not lose revenue for the use of my patterns. Luckily I have very little trouble with this problem and that is very much appreciated.
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