Saturday, October 22, 2016

Nativity Scene Scroll Saw Pattern.

This Nativity scene is 10.25 inches wide. I receive questions about this type of project. People are sometimes confused about the backer board. This is just two pieces of wood. The front fretwork is glued to the backer board. The backer board has a function other than just aesthetics. The fretwork can get pretty fragile. Gluing it to the backer board helps prevent breakage from handling. It is not absolutely necessary that you use the backer board if you don't like the looks. If I were to cut the fretwork from 3/4" thick material I probably would not use the backer board. Just personal preference.

The custom name Christmas ornament patterns are going well. I'm staying pretty caught up so if you want to place order I should be able to get them out within a couple days or faster. 

The Door Wreath in this picture is about 15 inches wide. I am considering selling these patterns with your family name as a custom Door Wreath. The pattern will be broken up on four different pages. They will have guide lines to assemble the pattern into one large sheet. I had a request for this pattern and thought other may like it also. I may modify the pattern a little and I have not decided on a price yet but I'm thinking $5. They take a while to make because they have to be digitally cut up and placed on four pages. If you would like to see this as an option drop me an email so I can gauge if it's something you would like.

Custom 15 inch Door Wreath
Custom Name Christmas Ornament Patterns. 

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Don't forget to order your custom Name Christmas Ornament Patterns. The Ribbon and Tree are $1 each with a 5 name minimum. The Layered ornaments are $1 each with a 5 name minimum. The Custom Pet Ornament Patterns are $2 each with no minimum order.