Saturday, June 3, 2017

Three Inch Candle Dish Scroll Saw Pattern.
 I thought I would take a break from the Military plaque series and make something simple. This candle dish holds up to a three inch candle. There are very few interior cuts and both pieces are cut from 1/4" thick wood. I think I cut this in about half an hour. 
It really did not show up in the picture but I cut this from some beautiful curly maple. The curl is so pronounced that it looks 3D. The picture below is not from the board I used but it looked just like it. I think wood is the most beautiful building material there is. 

Information: Seyco ST-21 Scroll Saw Update.

I ran into a small problem that I had to solve on my new Seyco St-21. It was a simple fix so I thought I would show you what happened.

In the first picture below  you will see the problem. A small white abrasion appeared on the magnetic table cover a few inches behind the blade hole. When I saw it, I ran my finger over it and there was a noticeable bump. 

The abrasion was happening when wood would move over the bump. 
When I removed the magnetic cover I saw that the bump was caused by the tilt bracket sitting proud of the table. It is my understanding that the hole in the table where the bracket comes through is there because of the extra cutting thickness capacity of the Seyco ST-21. The hole was a compromise they had to make to give us that feature.  
In a perfect stand assembly the bracket will not sit proud of the hole but if the stand is not adjusted correctly then the bracket will be too high. The problem is that that adjustment is tedious and difficult. I did not want to fight the adjustment again so I decided to give up 1/16" of cut capacity to fix the problem. 

There are six bolts that hold the table to the stand. I removed those bolts and installed one washer to each bolt, between the table bottom and the stand. This raised the table the height of the washers.

I then readjusted the table centering and everything was good. This may not be the right fix but I think it was a good compromise between a tedious adjustment and just masking the problem. 

When I get time I'll ask Ray at Seyco if he has any input on if I should have done something different.  

Information: 3D printer update.