Monday, March 25, 2019

Teddy Bear Segmentation Box Scroll Saw Pattern.

The hummingbird segmentation pattern from the last post was a popular download so I thought I would design another one. I think you will enjoy this pattern especially if you have small children or grandchildren. 

This teddy bear box is small, measuring a little under six inches tall. This would make a nice small jewelry box for a little girl or a trinket box for a small boy. There are also many adults who collect teddy bears who would probably love to have this box in their collection.

I kept the contouring to a minimum. To keep the box proportional I used 1/4" thick wood for the teddy bear and that does not leave much depth for lots on contouring. If you decide to enlarge the box then you could use 1/2" thick wood for the teddy bear and do more contouring. 

I am not happy with the contouring job I did on the teddy bear. The body is okay but the head is sloppy. I got in a hurry and used my larger flex sanding drums for the small parts. I should have taken more time and used my small Guinevere drums for the small parts or hand sanded them. I cut and assembled this in under 2.5 hours. That was moving too fast.

Just like the last hummingbird segmentation pattern this teddy beat could be used as an intarsia pattern. 

Expensive but I'm happy I bought it. King Arthur's Tools, Guinevere Basic Sanding System.

One of my least favorite duties in the shop is sanding. It's time-consuming and messy. I have spent a bunch of money trying to keep sanding time to a minimum. One of the many sanding systems I use is the Guinevere Sanding System. 

This thing is crazy expensive but it works so well that after I got over the wallet stroke I was happy with the purchase. The basic system comes with the motor and accessories including the flexible shaft.

The secret to how well the system works are the air-filled drums. When you install the sandpaper sleeves on these soft drums you can sand irregular shaped parts and the drum conforms to the shape of the part. This makes contouring the wood for intarsia or segmentation projects a breeze.