Sunday, December 24, 2017

Snow Skiers Scroll Saw Pattern.
This snow skier scene pattern comes in two different sizes. The last two pages are the small pattern.

I have never put on a pair of skis in my life but many of you have. In 2015 there were over 4.5 billion dollars spent on snow sports products in the US. When you ad in the travel and lodging revenue that is a significant industry. If you are spending the Christmas weekend on the slopes have a great time.

A couple of quick tips:

Magnet Blade Holder:
This tip is helpful when you start a new project and know you will need a few blades. Attache a small
neodymium magnet to the side of your saw. You can then remove a few blades from their holder and keep them handy on the side of your saw.

Quick and easy zero clearance:
When you are cutting small parts they will sometimes become lost by falling through the blade hole in the table. Other time small waste parts will lodge in the hole and you will have to stop and clear it. 

Cut a three inch strip of blue painters tape. Cut a slit about have way down the tape. Slide the tape into the blade and press the tape down to the table. 
You now have a temporary zero clearance. I have been able to use this technique without the tape wearing out for entire projects. The blue painters tape also has the advantage of not leaving any glue residue on the table after you remove it.