Thursday, April 14, 2022

Nested Bunnies Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Here is a quick last-minute Easter basket stuffer. You can cut this pattern from any 3/4" thick wood. 

I used a #3 blade to cut this pattern. I used the small blade because I wanted the parts to have a nice snug fit. The problem with using a small blade on thick wood is blade flex. When the blade flexes as you cut, the cut will be cork-shaped. This will cause the parts to only slide in one direction when taking them apart.

The tip to prevent this flex is to avoid applying side pressure to the blade as you make the cut. You must allow the blade to do the cut without forcing it. You also want to have good blade tension. A blade that is not tensioned correctly will flex much easier.

The last tip is to only use a new, sharp blade for the cuts. As soon as the blade starts to dull, r