Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Mount Rushmore Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This portrait pattern of Mount Rushmore is 16" wide and 10" tall. 

I don't know how successful this portrait pattern is. I had a goal of making a large portrait pattern and minimizing the interior cuts to make it a beginner level pattern. To do that I kept the detail to a minimum. It's okay but this portrait screams for tons of detail. I'll let you decide. I just wanted to give a new scroller a chance to do a large portrait and not be too intimidated. 

Portrait style patterns for the novice:
This style of pattern is normally called a portrait style pattern. That does not mean the pattern has to be a portrait of a person. It can be anything from a landscape to a car or person. 

Traditionally portrait style patterns are cut using a spiral blade. Spirals are especially useful for large portraits because you don't have to turn the wood blank.

For a portrait pattern this large you will want to top feed the blade. That just means that you remove the blade from the bottom clamp, raise the top arm and push the blade down through the next interior hole. It is very difficult to bottom feed a project this large.

Most portrait style patterns are cut from Baltic birch plywood. That is not a hard rule but the BB ply is very strong and much more difficult to break away a piece. 

To display a portrait pattern a backer board is often used. It is painted a color or a colored material like felt is used. Black is the most common but any color can be used.

The project can be framed under glass or left unframed. This portrait is not standard frame size. If you want to use an off the shelf frame just center the pattern on the size of board you plan to use or build a custom frame.

If you are interested in cutting this style of pattern and want a book to get you started I can suggest this book by Charles Dearing. The patterns are mostly novice level and he has a getting started sections to give you the information needed for success.

Charles is a master portrait pattern designer. He has been cutting and designing this style of pattern for many years. You can see some of his completed pieces at this link. Many of them are simply masterworks.

Bear Woods also sells some of Charles's patterns. 

Creative Crafter, Elysia English with a cool scroll saw project:

I spend way too much time on YouTube but I find so many talented crafters I just can't help myself. I came across this very cool project video by Elysia English. I love the look of this art piece. I like the rustic looking wood. Her technique for painting the plaid background works well. The scale of the piece is wonderful and the way she uses her template to cut this oversize project is somewhat unique.

This technique could be effectively used for all kind of beautiful art. I would absolutely give these a try at a craft show. I may be wrong but I think with some creative thinking you could feature these and make decent money from this art.

To speed the process up you could use wallpaper on the backer board. Depending on the theme of the art you could cut out magazine pictures and add a collage to the backer board. All kinds of ideas could come to mind. Her plaid paint effect is great though.

For transferring the pattern to the wood I would just print out the silhouette on multiple sheets of paper using the poster print feature of Adobe Acrobat DC. Tape the pattern together and use graphite paper to get the lines on the boards. This technique does not allow you to glue the pattern to the wood so transferring is necessary.

When you finish watching her video please click the like button and leave her a nice comment.

Thank you Elysia.

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