Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Bull Horn Scroll Saw Pattern.

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You can probably imagine that I receive many requests for patterns. I keep a "maybe to-do" list and a "to-do" list. This one has been on the maybe to-do list for several years. You may be surprised to hear that this pattern gets requested a few times a year. Not all of the requests come from Texas either. Because it has been a repeated request and a simple pattern I drew this up tonight. 

The pattern comes in two sizes. The largest one measures 15 inches across the horns. I mounted it on the backer board for display. Most of the time you see this piece mounted directly on the wall. 

Let me tell you a story. I am a city boy. I have never lived more than five minutes from a mall. If I had to raise my own food things would get bleak quick.

Several years ago, I was with a friend. He wanted to take me squirrel hunting. This is way out of my element but I agreed to go. We went to his sister's farm to hunt. After a few hours of doing more talking than hunting, we headed back to the farmhouse. 

As we approached the farmer was rounding up a bunch of cows and herding them to the barn. I soon found out that it was time for the cattle to have their pink eye medicine. He was alone and ask for our help. Not wanting to look like a city boy I headed to the barn. 

The cows came in the barn and walked right up to a holding pin one at a time. They need a little prodding but were generally well behaved. I helped move them along and was feeling quite proud of my farmer experience. 

The next ten minutes changed my initial pride. It was time for the bull to take his turn. His size alone already had me backing up. He walked into the holding pen and when he saw what the farmer was about to do he backed out. I am still backed up. Way back. 

The farmer saw me standing next to a pile of 2 X 4's. He yelled at me to grab one. I was not sure what he wanted me to do with it but at least I had a weapon. 

They coaxed the bull back into the pen. The farmer yelled at me to shove the 2 X 4 behind the butt of the bull to hold him in the pen. I was absolutely shaking in my britches but I did as asked. 

The bull did not even break a sweat. He just took one step backward and snapped that 2 X 4 in half. I was pretty much done. They were on their own.

They moved the bull back in the pen and the farmer reached out with some sadistic looking tool and grabbed the bull by the nose. That bull went wherever the farmer wanted as long as that thing was in his nose.

 Since then I have stayed in my lane. I found out that I am much more comfortable eating beef than I am heading bulls. 

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