Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Love Story and a pattern Update.

"I like a good love story. Especially ours.". This is a pattern you can give your sweetheart on Valentines Day. The floral piece of this pattern was part of an original graphic from... Designed by Doodle_Flower / Freepik. I modified it for inclusion in this pattern.

Yesterday's pattern was a little strange for some folks(my wife included). I was trying to be witty but my wit weren't willy wise. See what I mean. A few thought that if I were trying to promote reading a book, "Don't be stupid, read a book." could be too harsh. I added the above to the original pattern book so you can choose a more appropriate wording if you want to use this in a library or class room. You can download it again from this link. It is also in the online pattern catalog.

Designing patterns everyday has some hazards. :) A pattern that sounds funny one night may look completely different after a good nights sleep.  If you would like the updated version you can download it now. 
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