Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Golden Jesus and Cross Scroll Saw Pattern.

Large 16 inch tall cross cut from 1/4" thick MDF and spray painted metallic gold.

Why did I paint this project? It is very rare for me to use a stain or paint on a scroll saw project. The reason I painted this was just to experiment. I had a can of metallic gold paint. I also had some textured paint that looks like rock when it dries. I want to use both of them in projects and I thought this project might be interesting painted gold. 

I am pleased with how it turned out. I still prefer the natural look of wood but for a change of pace this is okay. It actually looks better than the picture shows. The camera flash highlights the small pits in the paint. From a couple feet away you don't see them and the project looks smoother and more metallic.  

The pattern covers two 8.5 X 11 pages. You will need to cut and splice the pattern halves together. 
I covered the MDF with Peel and Stick. The Peel and Stick works great on these larger boards. Much easier to cover the board than it would be with blue painters tape. 

Because it's thin MDF you could probably skip the tape but it still makes the pattern easier to remove so I use it. 
Here I am using the Seyco Scrollers Drill to make the interior holes. I did a review on this tool a while back and I though I would use this post to give you a quick update. 

Quick update: I like it a lot. That's a pretty quick update. 
It is almost always a good idea to cut the interior cuts first. As you can see from this picture the board was fairly large. I decided it was better to get the outside waste out of my way so I made the exterior cut first. This made the board easier to control.  
 Here I am gluing the backer board to the fret work. I have mentioned this before but MDF kills scroll saw blades. I used Pegas #3 modified geometry blades from Bear Woods. If  I had been cutting hard woods instead of MDF I might have used two maybe three blades for this project. The MDF dulls the blades so fast that I went through six blades. 
I needed a little extra thickness to screw in the hanger. I added four space blocks to the back. T