Tuesday, July 24, 2018

US Half Dollar Scroll Saw Pattern.

This pattern is what I call a challenge piece. You cut this project for the challenge. I think it will look pretty cool hanging on the wall of an office. It is thirteen inches in diameter. I would recommend Baltic birch plywood for this project.  

As you can imagine, I spend quite a bit of time thinking about new subjects for scroll saw patterns. I was cleaning out my office desk drawer and came across a nice shiny US half dollar. I was just looking at the beautiful carving and thought maybe that would make a cool scroll saw pattern. I started doing the front of the coin then decided I like the back better. I may go back and do the front to have both. 

Personalized Signature Coins are Back!

The cost is $12 per sheet of 12 coins plus $3.50 shipping.
I can put two sheets for a total of 24 coins in an order.
Allow up to two weeks for delivery.

Some of you may remember that I sold laser engraved signature coins last year. These wooden coins are embedded into those special projects that you want to show your pride in. They're back.

I have made some changes. The original coins were engraved on individual pre-cut coins. They were well received but I was not as happy with them as I wanted. I could not control the registration and thickness of the coins to the degree I was happy with. The pre-cut coins were also subject to small amounts of warping. 

The new coins now come in sheets of 12. They are engraved and then cut leaving two small tabs. They are easily pushed out of the card when you need one. The registration of the engraving is now exact and the thickness is a consistent 1/8".
 I have redesigned the male and female scroller for a more polished look. You will have the four designs above to choose from. 
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