Thursday, April 21, 2016

Stop the glue bottle shake!

We all know how frustrating glue bottles can be. If you sit them on their bottom the glue settles and makes it difficult to get the glue started next time you need it. It also allows air in the tip. The air causes the glue to dry and clog.

The solutions is to store them tip down. This holder will sit on your workbench and hold the bottle so it is ready to use.

You could obviously make this a very simple design and it would function fine. We are scrollers so we can add a little pizazz. I added a little graphic to the legs and 1/4" dowels to pin the legs.

After I made this prototype I decided it was a little too tall so the final design is 1/2" shorter. 

I wanted to mention that I finally have the RapidResizer tool working again. If you have not used this tool before let me explain what it is. Patrick Roberts over at readers of my blog to use his wonderful service for free. His service is used to resize patterns. It has a ton of features and is a great service. You can resize by percentag, change the outline to red, use save ink features and more.

To use the service for free it has to be a pattern you downloaded from my blog. If you want to resize other patterns there is a small fee. 

The link to this service is on the left column of my blog. The image below is what you need to look for.

To get it working again I had to change the way it opens. It now opens in a separate page but the interface is the same after it opens.

I will make another video showing how it works once I get time. The old video tutorial is now out of date and needs updating.

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