Thursday, December 10, 2020

Holiday Gnomes Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Meet Two-Bit and Half-Pint. These holiday Gnomes will bring you luck in the new year. I don't know if I believe in lucky charms but after this year I'm not taking any chances.

These are super simple to make and they come in two sizes. The small gnomes are both under 5.5" tall. The large gnomes are just over 10" tall. I think the large ones will make nice garden gnomes. Just make sure you give them a good protective paint job.

My wife tells me that gnomes are popular holiday decorations this year. I know it's getting late for holiday decorations but I think they make fun anytime decorations.

SiberianWoodworker, Sculpted Compound cut Scroll Saw Puzzle Patterns. 

I don't know this gentleman but I really like his sculpted compound cut scroll saw puzzles. The video shows his technique. He has an Etsy page where he sells his patterns.

There is certainly a considerable increase in the skill required over normal compound cut patterns but the results look worth the effort. If you are reasonably comfortable with power sculpting then give this a try.