Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Super Mom Scroll Saw Pattern

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Parenting can be a tough job. My mom used to tell us, kids, that she hoped we had three of our own just like us. I guess she thought that would be a just payback for our bratty behavior. :) Probably true.

My mom had a pretty tough life. She dropped out of school in the sixth grade. She had to work. She was married multiple times and they all passed away while they were married. We used to call her the black widow. None of them ever left her any money so I don't believe she bumped them off. :)

Mom had to work a lot of hours at crappy jobs just to keep us going. Some years were worse than others but we always made do. I guess we were poor but I did not realize that growing up. I look back now and realize how difficult it was for my mom to take care of four kids working jobs with a sixth-grade education. There were times when we did not have electricity but we always had food and a place to live. She made sure of that. How she accomplished that with a sixth-grade education still boggles my brain.

My mom probably would not have won many Mother's of the year awards but she fought like crazy her whole life to make do with what life threw her way. That's what moms do.

Video Job Interview for a Mom.

These employment-seeking individuals did not know what the job interview was for. As the details unfold they don't seem too excited about accepting the job. In the end, they just wanted to call mom and say thank you. It's a fun video and worth a share just a few days before Mother's Day.

This Mother's Day, make sure that you let mom know just how special she is to you and the family. I know that many of us are of the age that we no longer have our mothers with us. She is still listening.