Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Home Clock Scroll Saw Pattern.

This Home clock is 12.5" long and 4" tall. 

You will need a clock movement for a 1/2" thick dial. Clock Movement Link
You will need a set of 1.5" clock hands. Clock Hand Link
Note that the hands are black on the front. I liked the back white side better so I put them on backward. Hopefully, this won't make the clock run in reverse. 

Remember that clock hands can often be cut down in length. If you have a set already check to see if they look okay shortened.

Harbor Freight Magnifying Lamp:

This is not an affiliate link.

Many scrollers find it useful to have a magnifying glass to help follow the pattern line. It is also very important to have good light. These magnifying lamps can get pretty expensive. 

A couple of years ago I started looking for a decent Magnifying lamp. I bought four different lamps from Amazon. I had no luck with any of them and they were all close to or over $100. They either had a terrible lens of poor light. One had weak springs and would not stay in the position it was set.

The best magnifying lamp I have used is the one sold by Seyco. Link here. It has minimal distortion and great light. If it is in your budget then you won't go wrong buying this light.  $109.95

If you need to go a little easier on the wallet then I can recommend the magnifying lamp sold at Harbor Freight. Now don't get me wrong. For $39.99 you will not get a distortion-free lens or LED light. You will get an acceptable fluorescent lamp that is bright enough. You will get a 5" lens that is clear in the center with slight distortion on the edges. It has 1.75 magnification which