Sunday, April 19, 2020

U.S. Flag Drink Coasters Scroll Saw Pattern.

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I cut the coasters from two layers of 1/8" Baltic birch plywood. In this case, I wanted to hide the plywood so I spray painted them gold. I then sealed them with a couple coats of spray acrylic to make them moisture-proof.

The four coasters stacked together add up to one inch thick. This means the wall of the tray needs to be at least one inch tall. I glued up two 1/2" thick walnut boards to get the height I needed. After paint and acrylic, the coasters are just a little thicker. The walls still hold the coasters but I could have used a little more height. 

If you have some nice 1/8" thick hardwood then you can skip the paint but I think the gold looks good so either way will work. 

Why I use Blue Painters Tape under my scroll saw patterns.

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Scrollers have different methods of attaching patterns to the wood. I don't think there is a wrong way as long as the pattern sticks and is easy to remove after the pattern has been cut. This is just how I do it and if you are having trouble give this a try.

I know most of you already know this technique but I have had many new subscribers lately(people have a lot of time on their hands). I have received at least half dozens emails this month about this topic.

It is very simple. I apply blue painters tape to the wood. I coat the back of the pattern with spray adhesive(Glue stick work also) and stick the pattern on top of the tape. I buy the 1.88" wide tape.

Why? The blue tape does two things. First, it makes the pattern easier to remove. Second, the glue on the tape lubricates the scroll saw blade and prevents scorching of the edge of the wood. There is a lot of friction heat as the blade cuts. Woods like cherry will scorch easily and this little extra lubrication helps prevent the heat.

So what is the downside of this method? Blue painters tape is not cheap. If you go to Home Depot and buy the 1.88" wide rolls they cost $6.57 each. Six rolls is over $39. Six rolls like the pack above from Amazon cost $26.64 getting the cost down to $4.44 a roll.