Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Cowboy Welcome Sign Scroll Saw Pattern.

Hello, hi, welcome, ahoy, aloha, sup, hey, yo, and howdy. The list of greetings in the English language is very long. Howdy is one of my favorite greetings. It tends to be used most often in the southwest. I think it is between Aloha and Howdy for the most friendly sounding greeting. 

There are two versions of this pattern included. The small one is about 7.5 inches wide and the large version is over 13 inches wide. 

Eliminate Tear Out on Plywood Cross Cuts:

Sometimes it is difficult to remember that there are new folks coming into the hobby all the time. Little tips that experienced woodworkers take for granted are new and unknown for someone just getting started. 

This easy tip was prompted by an email I received from a young man who was cutting scroll saw portrait style patterns. He was using sheets of Baltic birch plywood. When he was cutting the sheets down to size on his table saw the tear out was really bad. Sometimes the tear out was so bad that it was not even hidden by the frame. 

 Here is a quick and easy way to eliminate tear out on against the grain cuts.
The tear out will generally be the most pronounced when cutting across the grain. 

You can see the tear out. This is mild compared to the tear out the reader was having but still best avoided. His problem was probably made worse by poor quality plywood.

The simple solution is to tape across the cut. I am using blue painters tape but cheaper masking tape works just as well. 

Here are the two boards side by side.