Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Let's make some toast.

Here is a project you can make in just a few minutes and everyone will want one. Toaster tongs are a handy tool to have. Keep your fingers away from the burners and off the hot toast.

You want to use a nice straight grained wood. Make sure the grain runs the length of the tongs. The tongs and the pivot are cut from separate pieces to keep the grain straight while allowing the splayed design. I used cherry and they feel very durable.

The places where you have to glue the tongs to the pivot need to be flat to allow a good glue surface. Take you time when you cut this area. I cut the long tongs on the table saw and just cut the other pieces on the scroll saw.

After the glue dries blend the pieces together by sanding. 

I just used an oil to finish the project. 

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