Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spooky Halloween Ornaments

This pattern book has eight spooky Halloween ornaments. Remember it's always a great idea to stack cut ornaments to increase productivity. I usually cut ornaments from 1/8" or 1/4" thick Baltic Birch plywood.

We have been very busy at work this week and I am way behind on my blogging duties. I am especially behind on email. Of course I am always behind on email but this week is terrible. If you have sent questions I will try to get to them ASAP. I also have a few orders for name ornaments holding. I will work on them tomorrow evening. Thanks for your patience.

I wanted to pass on a special deal from Sue Mey. Check out this offer.

A new Special Offer digital book is now available.

Pay a mere $1.20 per set of patterns when you purchase this collection! Forty box patterns - Value $359.00 if purchased separately, Save $311.05 and pay only $47.95. These pattern sets include instructions, and larger patterns are divided with dash lines for easy printing on standard-size paper. The selection contains boxes of various shapes, sizes, and techniques. Topics incorporated are Christmas, Valentines, religious, flowers, nautical, cats, butterflies, horses, dragons, and Celtic designs, amongst others. Basic tips & techniques covering 15 different topics are included. There are also links to pages on my website where more comprehensive information on certain topics is available. It is a great deal even if you already have a few of the patterns in this collection.

SO013 Boxes pdf book vol. 1 - Forty box pattern sets $47.95

Buy link: Click Here

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