Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Hummingbird Art Scroll Saw Pattern.

This hummingbird art piece is 10.5" X 7". 

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Buying Used Scroll Saws:

No links are included for the used saws.

Buying used tools can be a great way to build out your workshop. It can also be a good way to throw away money if you don't do your homework.

The Craigslist ad above is for a used DeWalt DW788 Type 1 scroll saw. They are asking $525. Is this a good deal? Let's start out with finding out what this saw and stand sells for new. On Amazon, a new DeWalt DW788 with stand goes for $550.13

The used saw in the ad is a Type 1. There is a belief that the Type 1 saw has better resale value than the newer Type 2 saws. At one point that was probably true. The problem is that the Type 1 saws are many years old. I would prefer a new Type 2 over a very old Type 1 unless it had very few hours of use and I got a good price.

Of course, the person selling the saw above may only be asking $525 and you may get the saw considerably cheaper. If you know the facts before you give them a call you may get a better deal. If not then you can walk away.

Let's say you give the person a call and they say you can buy it for $375. At that price, you may decide to go take a look at the saw. What do you look for?

Before you even get in the car, research the address. Use Google maps and street view to look at the address. With Google street-view you can see the house and neighborhood before heading that way. Make sure you feel safe.

Once you are in front of the saw, look at the general condition. I'm talking about the outward appearance. Are all the parts with the saw? Is the table covered in rust? Check that all the bolts are in place. Does it come with any accessories? (Light, foot switch, extra blades etc..) Ask when they last replaced the thumb screws and set screws. General questions like "Why are you selling it?" can sometimes give you information that helps.

Start the saw and slowly run it through the variable speed. Does the vibration get much worse at high speed? Listen for rattles. Noise is one of the biggest tale tales for problems with scroll saws. Almost any unusual noise is a potential problem. Sometimes that can be difficult if you don't know what a good saw sounds like. Grinding sounds are not normal. Clicking sounds are not normal. Squeaking sounds are not normal. 

If at all possible sit down and cut with the saw. Some problems will only show up when the saw is under load. 

Tilt the table to its extremes. Does it move smoothly? 

There are some problems that you may not be able to see if you are not familiar with the saw you are looking at. One example of this is the amount of front to back movement of the blade. There is some normal front to back movement but if it is excessive that is a sign of trouble. The more you know the better you can see signs of trouble. If you have a friend who already owns a scroll saw take them along.

I have primarily talked about the DeWalt in the Craigslist ad but most of the tips can be used as a general guide. 

This eBay ad is selling a new DeWalt DW788 without the stand for $606.97. Wow. Ebay is a nightmare if you do not do your homework. They even have a DeWalt listed for $799 in one ad. I think not.

Here is another Craigslist ad. This one is for a Delta 40.694. They are asking $235. Amazons price for the Delta 40-694 is $399. The ad says the saw was lightly used with a few scuffs but runs great. The price is actually below what you would expect for this saw used. Looks like a good deal but you still want to do a good checkout first. Good price does not always mean a good deal.

Now we're talking. $45. We can get started really cheap. Right? I know it's tempting when budgets are tight but this saw is only good for very rough cuts. It only accepts pin end blades and I can pretty much guarantee that the vibration will be bad.  If you are looking to get into the scroll saw hobby this is not the saw you need. Save your money until you can afford something better.

What about vintage scroll saws? Here is a 1950's Sears and Roebuck's scroll saw. They want $300. This saw is not for a hobbyist. It is for a collector of vintage tools. It's also overpriced. If you are looking to enjoy cutting patterns then I suggest you stay away from vintage machines. I'm not saying that all vintage tools are bad but you need much more information to buy vintage tools. 

Craigslist, eBay, local papers and online forums are all places to look for used tools. There are good deals to be had. There are also bad deals. The more knowledge you have the more likely you will steer clear of the bad deals.

If you have experience with tools, then looking for a used machine may be okay. If you are very new to the hobby and tools in general then buying new will be the easier path. 

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