Friday, November 29, 2019

Tilting Smartphone Stand Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download Below

Every once in a while I design a project because I need it. That is how this tilting smartphone stand came to be. 

The pattern has several different sizes for the parts that need to change based on the size of your phone. I also tried to make the slot large enough to hold the phone with a case. You may need to manually adjust these parts if your smartphone does not fit.

I will occasionally use my smartphone to watch video podcasts in the shop while I saw. Sometimes I use one of the music services on the phone or other media. I also keep my smartphone next to my bed as an alarm clock and phone. We have not had a landline in years so I keep the smartphone close. 

Another use is as a stand while doing a facetime call. Does anyone ever face time? I think I have used that feature once in several years.

I wanted the stand to tilt for different viewing angles so I built that feature in. I used a wing nut bolt, washer, and nut for the clamp.

I considered this a utility project so I just used Baltic birch plywood. 

Most of the parts are assembled with slot and tab construction. It is always best to slightly under cat the slots so you can sneak up on a tight fit. You are going to glue all the pieces together so a tight fit is not critical but it looks better.  

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Countdown to Christmas:

For many crafters, this is the busiest time of year. Whether you sell your crafts or make them for family and friends. you are likely trying to get projects completed. We are now past Thanksgiving and have less than a month until Christmas. Time seems to speed up this time of year.

I have a few projects on my to-do list that I am trying to find time for. I still plan to do an informational/review video on the WEN 3921 16" entry-level scroll saw. I will do my best to get that completed next week. Several of you have mentioned that so I want to get it done before Christmas.

I need to start working on the USB/DVD catalog update soon. I will have the 2007-2019 update ready to go by the middle of January. Anyone who purchased the USB or DVD in November or December will be able to get the update free via download. I will give out information for that process when it is ready. 

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Personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns:

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Personalized Pet Christmas Ornaments Ready to Order:

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The ornaments include the year but you can cut that part of the pattern off if you prefer them without the year.

When you cut the veining on the ornaments you can add a touch of glue to the back after the vein is cut. This helps add strength back if needed.