Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Butterflies and Roses Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Download the Pattern Below

Alternative presentation. Three-layer plaque.

This pattern of butterflies and roses is almost 12" wide. In the simulated image above I am showing the backer board painted red for clarity. The paint is optional. I also included the pattern for a three layer plaque shown in the second photo.

Because of the large number of interior cuts, you will need to use a good cutting technique. Be careful where you hold the board while you cut. Cut the small interior cuts first so the board stays as strong as possible. Use a small blade and keep it sharp. I would use at least a #3 scroll reverse.

Baltic birch plywood will stay stronger than hardwood for a project like this. If you so use a hardwood be very careful with the cut until you get it glued to the backer board. Don't try to use a wide grain wood like red oak. You are almost guaranteed to break this project if you don't use tight-grained wood.