Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A mind is a terrible thing to lose.

I have always wondered how it would start. Now I know. First it's aches in the joints then you start sleeping during the day. That is followed up by forgetting things. Nothing big at first, just little events like birthdays and waking up. Then the first signs of dementia slap you in the face and it hits you. You are getting old.

Okay I admit it. It's all down hill from here but you would think I would at least not add a new character to Roman numerals. They have been around a while now so when I added the Roman numeral N the the last pattern you would think I would have caught the mistake. But no.

Thanks for all you that found my error and let me know. The pattern has been corrected and if you got the bad one just download it again.

Off to be evaluated now.

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Airforce Emblem Scroll Saw Pattern

Several months back I did a series of military emblems. I never finished the Air Force emblem for various reasons. I promised several readers back then that I would eventually try to complete the series. Tonight I finished.

There will be a bit of a challenge to cut the letters out of the center board. Some of them are pretty small an will require a small blade. A #1 or a #2/0 should do the trick.

The emblem is a sandwich of three layers. A plain backer board, a center board with the letters cut out of it then all the ornamentation is applied to the middle layer. After you get the letters cut the rest should be pretty easy. I don't have time right now to do a test cut. If any of you give this pattern a try I would appreciate feedback on any problems.