Sunday, March 4, 2018

Two Layer Easter Cross Scroll Saw Pattern.

Easter is just days away. This two-layer Easter cross is ~ ten inches tall and seven inches wide and features a bouquet of Easter flowers. 

This pattern is not too challenging. It would be a good pattern for someone who has been scrolling for only a short time. The lettering is going to be the toughest part of the pattern. Take your time and try to keep the letter crisp and straight.

Here is a strategy for keeping the lettering crisp. In the diagram, the black dot is the entry hole. Start the blade there and cut into the corner of the E. (Red line #1). Back the blade into the kerf just enough to cut into the waste area (Red line #2). When you reach the pattern line cut straight into the corner (Red line #3). 

This is a basic technique for getting sharp inside corners. This can be easier for new scrollers than trying to make a tight turn. 

If you want to make a gift for someone at church or a family member this project can easily be cut in one sitting. You do not need expensive wood for this cut. Even Baltic Birch plywood would be a good choice.  


James Wright Scroll Saw Restoration:

James Wright is a woodworker and YouTube content creator. He works primarily with hand tools. His presentation skills in front of a camera are very good. He just has a likeable personality and is very well educated in the use of hand tools. 

James just started a series where he will be restoring a 100 year old treadle powered scroll saw. If I know James he will do a fantastic job. He always does. I am a subscriber to his channel and I will bring this series to you through my blog. You can also visit his channel and subscribe for more of his great content. Check it out.