Thursday, January 31, 2019

Be Mine Heart Pendant Scroll Saw Pattern.

What better wood to make a heart pendant than a beautiful piece of Bloodwood? Valentines Day is fast approaching and I want to make sure you have something special to give to your sweetheart. This pendant is 1.5 inches. I wanted to keep it large enough that the interior cuts were not too difficult but not so big as to look bulky. 

The interior starter holes can be drilled with a 1/16" drill bit but you have to be accurate when you drill. If you have a set of micro drill bits this is a good place to use them. I made all the cuts with a Pegas #1 Modified Geometry blade.

You can cut this from any nice hardwood you have available and it will look fine. If you want to make it from bloodwood and give it just a little extra touch then here is a link on Amazon for a small piece of bloodwood. Don't let the sticker shock knock you over. Bloodwood is not cheap. The good news is that you can make a whole bag full of these pendants with the one board.

It is important that you contour the edges of the heart well. 1/4" thick is pretty thick for a pendant and we can make it look softer and thinner by contouring the edges. I used a drum sander but with a little extra effort, you can hand sand the contours.

Make sure you buy jump rings that are large enough for this pendant. The ones I used are about 3/8".

Check this out.

While I am talking about drum sanders let me show you the ones I use. These Flex drum sanders are used by most intarsia artists for contouring their work. If you know the name Judy Gale Roberts you know she is a world-renown intarsia artist and instructor. She uses these Flex drum sanders and has them in her classroom. That's all I needed to hear to place an order. They work great.

What makes these Flex Drum Sanders special? The inner tube pad is a soft foam like material. This allows the drum to conform to the shape of the piece you are sanding. You are able to get very smooth contours and still remove lot's of material when needed. 

I have mine installed on a variable speed bench grinder. I use this drum sander for several different sanding jobs. Sad to say I even sharpen my pencils on it. That I don't recommend but I do recommend these Flex Drum Sanders.  I know this sounds like an ad but it's not. I bought this tool and I do not get a kickback if you place an order.

I do know Judy and Stephen and highly recommend their site to purchase any intarsia products you may need. If you are not familiar with the art on intarsia then do yourself a favor and click this link now to see just a few of the beautiful pieces of art they produce. 

If you have any questions about these Flex Drum Sanders give them a call. 1-800-316-9010. Tell them Steve sent you. It won't get you anything but I like it when people drop my name. It makes me feel special. :)

This picture shows the cuts required for this pendant. These small cuts are not as difficult as some of you may be fearing. There is one technique that will help you immensely with this project. Watch this video of what I call the most important scroll saw technique. This technique will be especially handy for this project.

Sometime next week I will change the shipping cost to reflect the post office price hike. shipping will go to $4. Sorry but the USPS needs the money. :)

USB Pattern Catalog ready to ship... Supplies limited. $23 plus $3.50 Shipping U.S. Only....

For those of you who would like to see the USB catalog before you buy here is a video demonstration.

I want to make it clear that the USB Catalog can only ship to the U.S. I am receiving several international orders and I cannot fill them at this time. The DVD does ship to several countries and I will soon have a file download option that will work internationally.

You will not make payment until your drive is ready to ship. I will send an email invoice for payment. When payment is received I will ship the drive. I will hold the order for three days for payment after the invoice is sent. If you will be sending a check for payment I will ship the drive after I receive the check. Please let me know you will be paying my check when you receive the invoice so I can hold the drive.

In case you missed the announcement the other day, here is what this is. Every year I put all of the patterns in my online catalog on a DVD. These have sold well but more and more people don't have DVD drives on their newer computers. I have decided to add a USB drive so you will have options.

This does not replace the DVD. It will still be available. You can order the DVD below.

I am still working on a file download option. Hopefully coming soon.....

Remember. You do not need to buy this USB catalog to have access to my patterns. These are the same patterns that are in my free online catalog. This USB catalog is for those who wish to have a backup of my catalog for offline use. If this blog ever shuts down you will have the patterns. You can use the USB catalog at club meetings or on vacation when the internet is not available. 

$12 per sheet of 12 coins plus $3.50 shipping